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    What are Trading Scams

    Trading scams can be very sophisticated and come with some very technical trading code. You will find that an online trading broker often takes more than one login for you to be safe. They are not reliable if you want high-performance.

    How to spot Trading Scams

    Lots of time trades that pay are taking place that are just not backed by real money. Also with money trading you have to be careful and make sure that you have met the trading brokers minimum cash out amounts in terms of required capital. Some are not upfront with their cash out amounts so it is always wise to check for the cash back rates before you begin trading. Look for the websites that have a fully automated system where you can check the trade you’re about to make to see if it has been done before. This means you know you are making the best possible trade and that the broker is not taking a charge in the trade itself. The Brokers check the algorithm for the trade making it a lot easier for the client to execute an automated trade. Are you ready to Trade like a professional?

    How to report Trading Scams

    Online trading is becoming more popular by the day as of late. It seems to be a booming business with a lot of good brokers out there today. Most of these brokers are reputable and people are being scammed. It is important that you check with each of the brokers for any new trading fees and trading limits. They also must have a honest reputation of protecting customer’s money and if you are not happy with a trading fx broker, always report it to the appropriate authorities. For you to ensure your safety, always report such incidents to the Financial Institutions Regulatory Agencies. Such is the case with First Cumberland Credit Union, they are here to protect your money and identity, not allow you to fall victim to any online trading scams or fraud.

    Get back money from Trading Scams

    Some people want to take your money and run. Some brokers don’t refund your trading losses. Even if you invested in a short sale, the broker does not refund your losses. This is one of the most common questions you get from someone who has been scammed. It is something you must know to avoid getting your money back. Do your research Do your homework and research before signing up with any broker. One of the best trading platforms in Canada is that of TD Ameritrade, who are fully compliant with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This helps to ensure you are covered against all your trading and investment risks. The website of TD Ameritrade is well designed and gives all you information you need.